APMMI Member Admission Procedure

Applications to become members can be made at any time, but the assessment by the Normative Council is carried out at least once a year.


The procedure is as follows:

  1. The APMMI Board formed the Assessment Committee for the current year
  2. Mm Program submits an application to become a member of APMMI by filling out the APMMI Membership Pre Application Form (attached) by including the following documents:- Study Program Profile or portfolio that has been submitted at the time of accreditation.– Photocopy of Accreditation Certificate from BAN.– Photocopy of Study Program Establishment Certificate.
  3. The committee collects membership data of prospective members (Verification of prospective member data can be done in cooperation with the media or consulting institutions)
  4. Membership data submitted to the Normative Council
  5. The Results of the Evaluation and Commentary of the Normative Council are submitted to the Members of the Assembly
  6. The Tribunal decides and certifies membership of the MM Program


APMMI Membership Form

Quality Standard for Management Education

An MM program can be declared accepted as a member of APMMI if it meets the following requirements:

  1. Legality (attached during member registration)
    • Clarity of Legal Status, manifested by the decree establishing the MM program.
    • The existence of an operational permit for the implementation of the program
  2. Means of Founder (prospective members willing to be verified by the Committee)
    • Availability of permanent learning/teaching facilities (Not necessarily owned by the MM program, but guaranteed the continuity of the MM program)
    • Adequacy of teaching staff, both in number and composition
    • It has been running for three batches, as evidenced by a minimum of three batches of graduation from the program
    • Library facilities: There must be a minimum of 150 management book titles and access to journals or management references
    • If it is done not with distance learning, there must be proof of the participant’s attendance list. If done with distance learning, THERE are LAN or Netbased facilities available

For membership ratification, the MM program must pay the mandatory contribution once during membership of Rp. 10,000,000 (ten million rupiah) and an annual fee of Rp. 10,000,000 (ten million rupiah).

Why join with us

The purpose of establishing APMMI


Encourage regular meetings and contacts


Discuss common problems


Gaining common ground on important issues


Help improve the quality of the MM Program


Collaborating with industry


Finalize the aspirations of members to be submitted to the authorities

Membership Information

APMMI Member